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If you are the target of a federal crypto, blockchain or digital asset criminal or fraud investigation, consult Criminal Lawyer Carlo D'Angelo before you agree to meet with the federal agent or federal prosecutor to discuss your options and protect your rights. Carlo is based in East Texas, but is available--and has represented clients--in complex federal criminal matters nationwide.

defi defnese lawyer carlo dangeloCarlo D’Angelo is a lawyer, former law professor and Crypto and NFT enthusiast. In addition to his 25 years of experience defending individuals charged with state and federal crimes, Carlo’s practice also focuses on advising clients in all areas of blockchain technology law, including NFTs, Smart Contracts, Digital Assets and Crypto Currencies. Carlo is also an avid NFT collector and advocate for the many transformative possibilities that blockchain technologies can bring to Web3.


"Being a lawyer in Web3 involves so much more than simply doing "legal work" for projects. Teams can also benefit from lawyers who act as strategic advisors and have a deep knowledge and understanding of how to best execute a blockchain business plan."  -Carlo D'Angelo


Carlo is also an exceptional legal scholar who has published law review articles examining the impact of technology innovations on the practice of law.

  • Carlo D'Angelo, Overseas Legal Outsourcing and the American Legal Profession: Friend or "Flattener"?, 14 Texas Wesleyan Law Review (Spring 2008).
  • Carlo D'Angelo, The Snoop Doggy Dogg Trial: A Look at How Computer Animation Will Impact Litigation in the Next Century, 32 University of San Francisco Law Review 561 (1998).

In 2022, Carlo was a featured guest speaker an NFT.NYC where he spoke on the subject of “The Growing Threat that Crypto Criminal Enterprises Pose to NFTs. In a poll conducted by NFT.NYC that year, Carlo was nominated along with four other lawyers in the category of “Most Expert Handling of the Law and NFTs”.




In 2023, Carlo spoke on the topic of money laundering and blockchain crime at the New York State Bar Association’s CLE conference at NYU entitled Deep Dive Into the Metaverse and Web3: The First Global Law Symposium.global_law_symposium.png

In May 2023, Carlo co-authored an article for the Texas Bar Journal entitled “Digital Asset Crime – Are We Still Early” discussing emerging trends in digital asset and cryptocurrency crime.

Carlo is also co-host of LexLine, a weekly legal talk show on Twitter Spaces that discusses new legal trends in Web3 and blockchain law. In addition, Carlo’s Twitter feed provides daily updates on breaking news in the areas of digital asset regulation and blockchain crime. @defidefenselaw

Carlo’s past podcast episodes of LexLine are available on:

Throughout his long career practicing law in both in Florida and Texas, Carlo D’Angelo has handled a number of high-profile criminal cases that have drawn national media attention.  Carlo’s high profile criminal cases have been featured on MSNBC, FOX News, The CBS Morning Show, ABC News and the cover of Rolling Stone Magazine.


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